Cannot change session name when session is active. phppgadmin-7.12.0

I just installed devilbox on UBUNTU 18.04 and just started using it. Looks like it is mostly working, but I cannot open phppgadmin-7.12.0. I get some errors:

Warning : session_name(): Cannot change session name when session is active in /var/www/default/htdocs/vendor/phppgadmin-7.12.0/libraries/ on line 55

Warning : Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/default/htdocs/vendor/phppgadmin-7.12.0/libraries/ in /var/www/default/htdocs/vendor/phppgadmin-7.12.0/classes/Misc.php on line 526

Also, just have some general startup questions:

  1. There are some other apps and packages that I want to include in the base images (i.e. Node.js, NVM, Yarn, c compiler, etc. Those are all running on my host OS, UBUNTU, but can I package those into the devilbox clone to my desktop, and how does that all work ?

  2. My goal is to have a base install running all of the prepackaged apps (including NGINX if it comes with the http_auth_request_module, otherwise I might actually want OpenResty. That would be used mostly as a reverse proxy with auth for another server that I would also want to run, preferably the in devilbox if that is possible. So I would have the base install running Apache on standard ports 80 and 443, NGINX running on some other port (i.e 8080) and another server that usually runs on 8042 and 4242. I would probably want to compile that package from source and know how to do that, but I would like to have everything in devilbox to start out with.

Thanks, for starters, just would be nice to get the phppgadmin working.

Just wanted to chime in here. Having the same exact warning/error on Windows 10. Found this post in a google search, there are no other relevant results. This is with the current latest DevilBox ( Devilbox v1.7.1 (2020-08-09))