DB in production: 1) certbot on Apache, 2) restart

I want to use Devilbox in production. Multiple domains via multiple v-hosts. With HTTPS.

To that end, I need to use certbot.

I see that certbot was included in PHP in v1.7.1. And it’s also available through something called nginx-ACME. However, I will be using Apache. When I search certbot in the documentation, nothing comes up (reader can try it themselves). How should I use the certbot embedded in PHP to add HTTPS to multiple domains set up via multiple v-hosts?

Second Question:

Devilbox documentation says:

When stopping or restarting the Devilbox, ensure to also remove stopped container before the next startup to prevent orphaned runtime settings and always start fresh.

But this doesn’t sound right if it’s in production. What if there’s a power outage and my server is forced to restart. I would want everything back to how it was before. Sorry for sounding like such a Noob (I am!). The concept of restart:always is quite common in docker-compose.yml. So what should I do here if my Devilbox is in production, and I want it to always restart?

Thanks in advance.

This advice is only for development (in case you have customized your machines a lot and want to start fresh). If you always only start them up (without installing custom software manually), or do not do any updates, that’s not necessary and restart:always is just working fine.