Development of PHP 8.0 has started

Development of PHP 8.0 has started

Announcement here:

Once there are any changes to PHP 7.4 I will provide a separate Docker image for PHP 8.0 to play around with upcoming features or just for fun.

Reddit discussion here:

PHP-FPM 7.4 Docker image is now using the PHP-7.4 branch of the official PHP git repository (

PHP-FPM 8.0 base image

Work on the PHP-FPM 8.0 base image has been finished and it is available here for trying out or playing around with:

PHP-FPM 8.0 Devilbox images

PHP-FPM 8.0 has been merged into devilbox/docker-php-fpm and will be available shortly:

Devilbox integration

PHP-FPM 8.0 has been tested with the Devilbox intranet and works fine with a few exceptions for phpPgAdmin.

Keep in mind that this is a very unstable release anyway and it should improve over time.