Devilbox on a Synology Docker


HEllo All,
I’m happy that I have found this project.
I will try to deploy DevilBox on a XPenology machine. This is mostly visual (webbrowser based environment) . I have tried to look on project documentation but for starting does not apply very well .

On docker registry I have found out many options and I have installed

Image it’s asking for mapping port 9000. I have mapped to external port 9000.
However when trying to access IP address:9000 I receive an empty answer.

port 80 it’s automatically redirected to 5000 by synology sistem.

any hints how I could progress further are greatly appreciated.

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No one ? How could I investigate myself more ?
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@dandumit Port 9000 is where PHP-FPM is listening. How are you “trying to access” this port?

Can you also formulate your problem and goal more clearly. I am not sure what you want to achieve and what issue you are facing that is preventing your goal.


Thank you for reply !
(from your answer it seems that I am completely wrong of far away from final setup)

In Sinology there is a graphical interface to add containers (and a bit complicated to operate at command prompt) . See picture 1.

I have tried to search for a container named “cytopia/devilbox” , but it seems that are containers for individual components.MySQL APachePHP

I understood that Devilbox distribution has a “backoffice” administration page. and I was trying to access it using intranet address:9000. Now I realize that I have to activate more cotainers.

When successfull I will make a short kick start for Synology users.

Thank you


I have started a devilbox-apache container but stops with

2019-05-05 04:35:03,stdout,"[Sun May 05 04:35:03.470545 2019] [mpm_event:notice] [pid 1:tid 140587196477504] AH00492: caught SIGWINCH, shutting down gracefully

I have tried to start a Mysql docker container but stops with error

error: database is uninitialized and password option is not specified stdout


I think that It’s obvious that I am missing a lot of configurations…


If you run the container without Docker Compose, you will have to give it its required environment variables. See env-example for all required environment variables.