DevilBox on WIndows 10 - My Best Experience

HI! I just wanted to share my best experience on setting up DevilBox on Windows.
I tried to make it work with
Docker Toolbox + VirtualBox,
Docker Toolbox + Hyper-V,
WSL2 (Ubuntu 18.04) + Docker for WSL2 installed on Windows.
With all above I had different problems such as running slow or not getting the home page on localhost.

The only nice solution which I am happy with and I recommend is to install everything on WSL2.
There is a huge performance difference between installing Docker for WSL2 on Windows and Docker installed by command line on WSL2. For getting WSL2 you will have to update Windows to the last Windows Insider Version, now it is 1903

See the instructions here:

Thanks for nice tool!!


Thank you for sharing that !

@anatol06 Thanks for sharing this article. BTW, i’ve a little question because i used WSL2 for the first time !

I’ve tried to edit my /etc/hosts file under Ubuntu 18.04 distro installed, and even if ping my-project.local works fine (with TLD_SUFFIX=local in .env of Devilbox), access to “http://localhost/vhosts.php” always show me : " No Host DNS record found. Add the following to /etc/hosts :"

When I work on native Linux Ubuntu version I’ve no issue.
What did i missed ?

you have to set host name in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts instead of /etc/hosts

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