Docker-volumes branch questions

I moved to the docker-volumes branch at Cytopia’s suggestion because of problems I was having on Windows 10.

First Question:
I recently needed to reset my machine and didn’t think about the fact the databases were no longer stored in the folders indicated by my env file.

Where would I find the database files under the docker-volumes branch

Second Question:
when I git fetch origin docker-volumes I get

λ git fetch origin docker-volumes
fatal: Couldn't find remote ref docker-volumes

When I git branch -a it shows the branch, but when I look at the branches on GitHub I cannot find it listed. Has this branch been merged into master and should I checkout master now? If so, is there anything I need to be aware of prior to making that change?

Databases are stored in Docker volumes and are not mounted to the host. Docker itself still does need some physical storage on the filesystem itself, but that might vary depending on the host os. If you need the MySQL dumps, you can simply follow the guides here:

The branch has already been merged and tagged and has been removed. You can either use the latest git tag (atm v1.0.1) or stay on master branch.