How to access PHP binary from host?

Most editors need a path to the php executable to use their full features (VS Code does, at least, to enable intellisense).

Is there a way to access the PHP binary from the host, or is there a binary available in the repo ?

The short answer is:
docker-compose exec php php --version

What about a long answer? I tried to apply “docker-compose exec php php” to my “php.executablePath” but no luck.
Thanks in advance!

The php intellisence in vs code will not work with docker php interpreter…

I was trying to applied your redacted answer, and then …
So, atm to be able to correctly use intellisense on VSCode I am supposed to have a php.exe outside of docker/devilbox, right?

I’ve tried it also VS Code to trick it with a Shell Script to run docker-compose exec php commands but as @neradp said it didn’t work.