How to set up Laravel Octane

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Is anyone around already making use of Laravel Octane inside DevilBox? I’m in the need to install this new thing and I don’t know how to integrate here.

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old question but i spend some time today on it for nginx and Devilbox v2.2.0
it works as is but it may have issues with more complexe configs

in short, you use octane as a reverse proxy:

in local

  1. in your devilbox cfg/vhost-gen dir, copy the nginx.yml-example-rproxy file
  2. cd to your devilbox/data/www/your-app and create a “.devilbox” dir
  3. past the file and rename it to nginx.yml

just care about proxy_pass http://php:8000; as you must start octane with the same port
and you probably want to use supervisor to start octane as you up your devilbox

hope it helps anynone.

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@jmverges @chronhub this is now automated via: 🎅🎄🎁 by cytopia · Pull Request #942 · cytopia/devilbox · GitHub