Httpd server not work for me

i just follow this

Get the Devilbox

git clone

Create docker-compose environment file

cd devilbox cp env-example .env

Edit your configuration

vim .env
i change

Start all container

docker-compose up httpd
i got error
[root@localhost devilbox]# docker-compose up httpd
devilbox_bind_1 is up-to-date
Starting devilbox_php_1 … done
Starting devilbox_httpd_1 … done
Attaching to devilbox_httpd_1
httpd_1 | [INFO] Debug level: 1
httpd_1 | [INFO] Runtime debug: 1
httpd_1 | [WARN] User with 0 already exists: root
httpd_1 | usermod: user root is currently used by process 1
httpd_1 | [INFO] Changing UID of root to 9876
devilbox_httpd_1 exited with code 8

Connecting to… failed: Connection refused.

any wrong i made

As you see at the end of docker-compose up httpd command something went wrong with starting up httpd container because at the end it states devilbox_httpd_1 exited with code 8

You need to troubleshoot it.

You should probably change this to something else than 0

thanks for all,
change this in .env and everything looks ok