Issue with TLD_SUFFIX setting


A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to set up a website for someone and after a few reads I decided to give DVLBX a try as my dev setup instead of my former LAMP setups. Playing a bit around with few fakes site setups, everything’s fine, I committed the choice and went for it.

It all started to become weird as I decided to set up the real website, with it’s real domain name which TLD is “com”. The doc explicitly states to NOT use .com. Still, from the doc it reads different than using “dev” or “localhost”. My understanding is that using “com” (or “org”, “net”, etc.) will simply resolve “” to the DVLBX IP.

Since this isn’t an issue here, I dediced to make some tests.

Formerly, I did tests with some fake TLD suffixes such as “loc”. As expected, “www.my_site.loc” is properly served, while “www.my_site.anythingelse” reverts to DVLBX UI.

Giving “com” a try I experienced that, “” doesn’t serve the website, instead it shows DVLBX UI.

Since “org” is also said not to be used for same reason than “com”, I gave it a try.and set up “org” in the “.env” file as a TLD suffix.

Surprinsingly, “” serves my web site, while “www.my_site.anythingelse” reverts to DVLBX UI.

Actaully, “org”, behaves exactly as “loc” does. Of course, the website I deployed (wordpress based) experiences some css and links issues (because of some URL hardlinking etc.) but it serves the site, NOT the DVLBX UI.

So the issue looks “com” specific (maybe there are some others too, but “org” for example is ok.

I finally got it working with “com” TLD suffix by disabling DVLBX UI in the “env” file. The burden is then also use access to all dvlbx embedded tools, etc… Maiking it much less user friendly to use.

Can it be it’s related to my setup only, or if not, is there a way to have this fixed properly ? Not saying to solve the internal DNS lookup limitation, but at least serving the site instead of the DVLBX UI.

I need a local mirror site, and I can’t think a second about re-hosting (config, database, etc…) the whole site each time I upload or download it.

Fresh news after some more tests during the weekend. :slight_smile:

Testing on a fresh dvlbx setup, it actually works with “com” suffix as well. Sorry for disturbing.

Still I can’t figure out what the heck goes wrong with my current setup. Can’t have it working except by disabling the UI.

So let’s consider the issue solved. I remain interested in case someone has a tip about where to look at.