Migrating to WSL2

Hi all. I’ve been using devilbox (set up in my documents folder) for a while now. I have activated wsl2 and I’m using a ubuntu 18.04 distro that I want to put devilbox on. I’ve copied my devilbox folder over to the \wsl$\home\josh\devilbox folder but now none of the projects seem to work. If I bring up the containers and go to localhost then I get a “localhost refused to connect” error. Has anyone come across this?

WSL2 + Docker desktop is working fine for me https://docs.docker.com/docker-for-windows/wsl/ When I early tried to set just clean docker by ubuntu I was getting something alike

@joshjacksoncastus hello. Did you tried the Ipv6 syntax ( ::1 for localhost ) in your etc/hosts file ?