Problem while enabling RabbitMQ

I am trying to run RabbitMQ, but I seem to be missing something.

  1. Pulled the docker image with: docker pull rabbitmq:3.6
  2. Copied the sample config from the documentation
  3. Set the .env config to use the 3.6 image

When I try to run it with:
docker-compose up mysql redis httpd php bind rabbit
I get the error:
ERROR: No such service: rabbit

What am I missing? Please note I am using docker for the first time so I am not sure if something obvious needs to be done :slight_smile:

Ah. I made a mistake - I copy/pasted the docker-compose.override.yml-rabbitmq file without renaming it.
So all that was needed was to copy the yml file and remove the rabbitmq suffix. Should have used the terminal command that was provided in the documentation :slight_smile: