Required Tools for PHP Containers

Hello all,

Following PR that is now closed, I open this thread to suggest a new tools.

We have already the jq command processor to handle easily the JSON files on command line.

I’ve discovered today the yq command ( ) that allow to handle also YAML and XML files in same way.

Have a look and this, and tell me if you’re agree to have an homogeneous way to handle all JSON / YAML / XML files

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For those who want to use it, and integrate it auto with your PHP containers, don’t forget that start-up feature exists in devilbox (thanks to cytopia).

Here is my script sample that i’ve added in cf/php-startup-71 (because I work currently with PHP 7.1)

# Command-line YAML and XML processors. jq wrapper

sudo pip install yq
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Looks like an easy shot to add it.

It’s coming via this PR:

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