Running on alternate ports


I’m trying to run devilbox on a shared machine that I have where I already have the native ubuntu apache running on port 80 and mysql running on 3306

So when trying to do the docker-compose up -d, it throws errors

I’ve modified both the env file and the yml file, trying to move devilbox to port 8080 and mysql to 3307 - is that possible?

I’m following the following

which as I read it, seems to say that only the php versions uncommented in the env file should be pulled down during the initial start up
first time I ran it pulled down every PHP version, although 7.2 was the only one uncommented :


I had to modify the IMAGES line below - taking out the #*
IMAGES="( grep -Eo '^PHP_SERVER=[.0-9]+' "{CWD}/env-example" | sed ‘s/.*=//g’ )"

#2 will initially pull or update every single version that could be enabled via the Devilbox. If you simply want to pull the versions you have selected use docker-compose pull

Yes, that is very much possible via .env file

# Change ports of MySQL

# Change ports of HTTPD

For more detailed information about the .env file, have a look here: