Set up Devilbox on a VPS

In the tutorials, I see how to set up Devilbox on a local server, using localhost ( I’m not clear on how to do this on a cloud virtual private server, and be able to access the site over the web.

I’m running CentOS 7 with a static ip. I loaded GIT, Docker, Docker-Compose, and DevilBox all okay. I can’t just go to “localhost” to see the DevilBox page. Where do I go? Can all the settings be configured in the env file? Or do I need to configure the external etc/host file? I’m just not sure of how this thing works.

Just go to the ip of that server but it may help to change the listening ip to the server’s public ip in the env file for the dns stuff to work then point a domain to it.

Localhost refers to the local machine, not a remote system.