Setting Up on Remote Server (AWS)

How do I change the .env so I run on an AWS server?

I can get the containers up and running fine and I can see the Devilbox server page.

I am stuck how to deploy my project and access it.

Hi, For a little test in the free tier on aws:

  • I create a dinamic ddns in and pointed it to the aws server’s ip
  • In the .env I change this TLD_SUFFIX=loc to TLD_SUFFIX=“ddns . net” (without quotes and spaces, i put them to comment) wich is what i put as domain in noip
  • I clone my project in a folder with the name that i put in noip

Then I can access to my project using the noip domain like “myproject . ddns . net” and access the devilbox ui using the server’s ip.

Hope it helps!!

Many thanks for the suggestion this worked for me on Digital Ocean

Related question, if I am using the noip service to map hostnames to ip addresses what project name will allow me to access the main Devilbox project?

@mwoodpatrick not sure about noip. Have you tried looking into Ngrok: Maybe you can get this to work with noip…