Several questions about devilbox

i came up with this Bug on Github: but i also encountered some other issues i would probably need a little help…

  1. If i use a VMware virtual machine with Ubuntu Server, how am i supposed to access my project.loc internal domain from my VMware Workstation Host computer? I have bridged networking setup, and i can browse to devilbox’s intranet (localhost) but not to my project.loc location. What do i need to seup in order to get that up and running?

  2. Lateron i installed a Ubuntu Desktop, to have a local browser and i was able to access also my project.loc, although the error from that bug is still there.

  3. I wanted to install an application, which relies on php and mysql and apache, but also on mysql Sockets. Now i am wondering, after i get all those errors (mysql socket not found) how to fix that. The application SugarCRM is not supposed to be running just with host and port; so i am wondering, how to fix this. Whichever host i am using (be it localhost, mysql, intranet IP address of mysql server, no chance to connect to the mysql server.

Anyone can push me in the right direction?