SSL warning: not secure


I am very new to anything devops related, so please bear with me.

I installed Devilbox on Windows 10, and while the devilbox starts up, I still have to manually create entries in hosts file, and importing the Devilbox CA certificate in my browser seems to work (but the steps do not look the same as in the docs), I get warnings that the page is not secure.

My browsers (both Opera and Chrome) do not have the in-browser config screen as shown in the documentation, but pops open what looks like a native Windows dialog box where I need to find the authorities. It does not have that option in the exact wording, but rather “Intermediate Certificate Authorities” which is where I imported it into. The certificate is in the store after that, and I checked that all options are checked (identifying websites, etc.). The documentation has three options, and I have like 20 or so, so it is kind of confusing to know if I am at the right place.

Am I doing something wrong with this import? And why do I have to do the hosts file additions myself? Could it be that I am running XAMPP as well (even though the services are stopped)?

Any advice?