Three noob questions about DevilBox

The answers are probably in the docs, but am unable to find them, and would appreciate if someone could help out:

The first two questions have to do with unexpected server restart. If the server unexpectedly restarts, then:

  1. How do I ensure that Docker and DevilBox automatically start working again just as they were earlier (without human intervention).
  2. It seems as if DevilBox would need new “Let’s Encrypt” certificates etc. Is that correct? And isn’t that wasteful? Why not reuse the previous “Let’s Encrypt” config?

Lastly: what are DevilBox in Production users using for real email? Is there a reason why DevilBox offers only “test” mail servers, not production ones? Just curious about the reason, that’s all…

What exactly require human intervention?

Devilbox works without any let’s encrypt certificates. See here:

Thanks for the reply.

Re: human intervention: I was under the impression that Docker would need to be started after an unexpected server restart, and then Devilbox would need to be activated. It seems you are suggesting that these will happen automatically? If so, great.

This depends on your settings of Docker (unrelated to the Devilbox)… does it start automatically during system boot (which in most cases it does so under Linux for instance).

If you’re refering to some sort of licensing, then no. There is not such thing as licensing nor are there any plans to license the Devilbox :slight_smile:

Thanks cytopia. By activate I meant automatically restart Devilbox after a reboot, and I guess that’s possible if Linux is set up to automatically restart Docker, and I see that Docker images can be set up to automatically restart after a reboot. Thanks for all the help, I’m good to go now.