Update PHP 8.1.6 to 8.1.12

I’m using docker with PHP 8.1 and inside the container version=8.1.6 and I need 8.1.12 - how to upgrade to that?
I say in advance that 8.2 cannot be in my project.

Please help…

Update will be available shortly via a new release.

OK, thanks for the news.

  1. Then the question is when will there be an update?
  2. How to upgrade then? Through Pull?

The update is coming this week via a new Devilbox release. For that you need to switch to the new git tag. (Need to wait for this PR to be merged and integrated: Fix wkhtmltodf and wp-cli installation by dvlbot · Pull Request #262 · devilbox/docker-php-fpm · GitHub)

As I am assuming the PHP-FPM pipelines are now stable enough, consecutive updates will just require a docker-compose pull

@wcizmowski new release is available which addresses the issue:

Release Devilbox Release v2.4.0 · cytopia/devilbox · GitHub

Thank you for the information,
Now the question is, do I need to switch to the remotes/origin/release/v2.4.0 branch
should i do a pull on the master branch?