Using the hot-proxy (live reload) in Shopware 6

I am trying to use hot-proxy in Shopware 6 but it does not work.

  1. First problem is this error:

But I found a solution in internet, to run this command in terminal and the compilation will work:

export NODE_OPTIONS=--openssl-legacy-provider

But how to make this permanent, because I have to run it each time after restarting the server?

  1. Problem nr. 2 is that it dos not open the Storefront proxy in browser. Now the local site address is

but for real time watching with live reload it must work on


but it does not:


Environment vars can be made permanently via .env file:

And node apps can be auto-started at container startup via:

Generic stuff can be autostarted via: Custom scripts globally — Devilbox 1.0 documentation

For how to proxy ports to the domain see Discord channel: Discord

Thanks! I just added this line to .env and it works!

Regarding proxy, your link to Discord channer sends me here, where is nothing, just empty page :frowning:

See the “Howto” channel, it has two tutorials inside that describe how this is done.

I didn’t find anything on Discord but I found here a solution which works. I added in docker-compose.override.yml

# ------------------------------------------------------------
# PHP Services
# ------------------------------------------------------------
      # ---- Format: ----
      - "9998:9998"

It still does not open a new tab in browser and shows in terminal the error:

but the project is available opening it manually at http://sw-dev.loc:9998/ and the live-reload works.

Yep, that’s the wrong approach. There is no change in docker-compose.yml necessary. You can simply give it a backend configuration. In the Howto channel, there are two threads, one for NodeJS, which shows the backend configuration and one for websockets.

How to find this channel? I could not find any channel with such a name, “Howto”. I can not find also anything about “DevilBox”, “live-reload”, “backend configuration websockets”, “hot-proxy”, etc.

Hi @amida this is the one I was talking about:

Could you please explain how to find DevilBox? Where should I search, or click?? I have no experience with this app, I tried to search everywhere in this app for Devilbox but could not find :frowning:

Here is the invite link: Devilbox

Thank you! Now I see it, but without invite link it seems to be impossible to find.
The solutions that I see here seem complicated to me. At the moment I don’t understand many of these steps, as well as if this will work for Shopware 6 project. The solution with docker-compose.override.yml looks much easier to me for the moment :slight_smile: