Automagically generate PHP-FPM Dockerfiles

Automagically generate PHP-FPM Dockerfiles for any PHP extension(s), version and architecture

The devilbox/docker-php-fpm repository now allows you to easily generate and build your own custom PHP-FPM Docker image with whatever PHP extension your desire for whatever PHP version you want and for any platform you’re on (amd64 or arm64)


# Generate Ansible group_vars for the following PHP extensions
make gen-modules ARGS="msgpack memcached pdo_mysql rdkafka"

# Generate Dockerfiles
make gen-dockerfiles

# Pull base image for PHP 8.1 (if you don't have it locally already)
make docker-pull-base-image STAGE=mods VERSION=8.1 ARCH=linux/arm64

# Build PHP 8.1 for arm64 with above specified extensions
make build STAGE=mods VERSION=8.1 ARCH=linux/arm64