Configuring vhost document root


There are lots of documentation but trivial information is totally missing or I have somehow missed it. How do you set custom document root for some vhost? Doc is telling me to use conf.yml, but location of this file is never mentioned. Where can I set DOCUMENT_ROOT variable for each vhost? Tried appending it to the apache24.yml, but not working. Also tried writing doc root directly to template, also not working.


Hi @dataxa can you please provide an example about what you want to achieve.


I just want to set custom DOCUMENT_ROOT path for 1 vhost.
<DocumentRoot “DOCUMENT_ROOT”>
or use my custom vhost file without vhost-gen.
I need to add some Aliases as well to vhost.


There are multiple ways to achieve this.

The most easy way does not require any configuration, simply use symlinks to achieve this. See an example configuration for Laravel:

If this is not enough, have a look at the vhost-gen part of the documentation: