Default enabled/disabled PHP modules

PHP Modules to enable/disable by default

Note: This is a continuation from this GitHub issue and brought to the forum for better discussions and visibility.

As the number of supported PHP modules grows, it is about time to think what modules should really only be enabled by default.


Having lots of modules enabled out of the box might cause issues (some external modules even require other modules to be turned off explicitly in order to work) as well as performance degradations. To ensure we have least possible modules enabled, but also ensure everything works expected right of the box we should share our require ments here.

Current modules

Currently enabled, available and disablable modules can bee seen on the GitHub repository in the modules section:

You are encouraged to add your requirements or no-gos below.

Voting for modules to disable

The following modules have been scheduled to be disabled by default.

Module Votes yes Votes no
blackfire 1 0
ioncube 1 0
ldap 1 0
oci8 1 0
pdo_oci 1 0
pdo_sqlsrv 1 0
rdkafka 1 0
sqlsrv 1 0
swoole 1 0
xdebug 1 0

I’ve added a table above for modules scheduled to be disabled by default. If you are in favour of having those modules disabled let me know. Also for modules not listed yet.

If you require them to be enabled by default, let me know as well.

I will regularily update the table to reflect the votes.

I vote yes on all current ones, but only if disabled by default equals Available, but disabled (can be enabled): d. So not permanently disabled.