Devilbox questions

I was trying to figure out why my system seems slow or was hanging after running the command:
host> docker-compose up
and came across this post:

which seemed somewhat similar and led me to this forum. After attempting to run all containers I get a screen that looks like this:
If I try and run a more restricted set of services such as:
host> docker-compose up httpd php mysql
then seemingly the system also hangs in a similar nature on “php_1” rather than the “mongo_1” as seen above. In both cases the health status is saying 100% but shouldn’t the command complete and come back to the command prompt?

Additional information:
I installed git on ubuntu at:
and then changed directory to:
where these commands are being issued. I installed Docker for Windows on Windows which is stated to include Docker Compose and somehow communicates with the ubuntu.

Am I doing something wrong here?

Thank you for any direction on this!


Yay good luck they didn’t make this for Windows unfortunately and it’s sad because they misinformed many people online. This is made for LInux not Windows.

Yes, there is a lot of conflicting information out there and it feels very odd to run a program in Windows that effects a Linux distribution. In the end I got tired of docker on Windows bogging down my machine and uninstalled it regardless on whether I could get it to work or not.

$ docker-compose up --help
    -d, --detach               Detached mode: Run containers in the background,
                               print new container names. Incompatible with

By default this is a foreground-staying command. You’re looking for -d.