Migrating from Gitter to Discord

Migrating from Gitter to Discord

Why the change?

Hi everyone, it seems like our current Gitter Chat is not the best tool to keep track of individual questions. I’ve seen that most stuff is getting lost in the scroll backlog.

I want to make this more organized and also have different channels per topic, so you can easily search what you are looking for. This does not seem to be possible here at Gitter, so I am switching over to Discord.


I am currently still in the process of setting this up, but feel free to join over already.
I have created a few channels, especially for Xdebug (as this seems to be a pressing topic) and some others. Once I see that there is a need for other specific channels I will add them over time.

I hope this way everyone can benefit more from the community.

And have some mercy on me, as I have never really used Discord before.

Where to find it?

Discord Link: Devilbox