Phalcon devtools not getting installed

So basically I’m installing Devilbox on my linux and for some reason, Phalcon devtools is not getting installed. The rest of the tools are getting installed correctly. All my colleagues have installed the company devilbox correctly and none of them has had any problem so far.

I have installed:

Bind (9.11.3-1)
PHP (5.6.40)
Apache (2.4.38)
Mysql (5.7.25)

I up my devilbox with: sudo docker-compose up -d httpd mysql

One thing I’ve noticed is that if I choose a higher PHP version phalcon devtolls get installed correctly. But as i said, all my colleagues use the same devilbox with the same .env and it have worked for all of them perfectly.

Is there a way to check what tools version get installed in the php container?

Edit: I’ve noticed that in the docker-compose.override.yml I’ve found that with devilbox/php-fpm:${PHP_SERVER}-work-0.86 doesn’t install phalcon devtools.

But with version devilbox/php-fpm:${PHP_SERVER}-work-0.105 it does really install it.

Hope you can help me here!

The new release has addressed the issue with Phalcon devtools:

You can also always see what tools come by default via: