Problem installing Symfony


I followed the instructions in the docs to install Symfony in my Devilbox. However, I get a error message at the end:

devilbox@php-7.2.26 in /shared/httpd/sy01/html $ symfony new symfony
* Creating a new Symfony project with Composer
  (running /usr/local/bin/composer create-project symfony/skeleton /shared/httpd/sy01/html/symfony)

* Setting up the project under Git version control
  (running git init /shared/httpd/sy01/html/symfony)

*** Please tell me who you are.


  git config --global ""
  git config --global "Your Name"

to set your account's default identity.
Omit --global to set the identity only in this repository.

fatal: unable to auto-detect email address (got 'devilbox@php.(none)')
  exit status 128  

And yet, when I look into the directory, I see the “symfony/” folder created and full of files.

It seems that the only problem is that the Symfony installer can’t find an email address for git. Aside of that, though, can I be certain that Symfony has been completely downloaded and correctly installed?

Have a look at the error message ;-p and just run these commands and you’re good to go. The do the symfony new symfony again

Thanks, it worked :stuck_out_tongue: . Now another question: is Symfony supposed to be installed outside the webroot? What I mean is: I have set up my virtual hosts in this way:


So that each of my virtual hosts have a directory structure like this in my host computer:


“conf” is where I put my custom Apache config files, and “html” is where I put the web pages.

So… is Symfony supposed to be installed inside “html”? Or is it supposed to be installed like this:


With “html” being a symlink to “symfony/public/”?

The last one. Symfony should be installed to:


And symfony/public symlinked to html