Devilbox CLI approaches

Hi everyone, I am recently seeing multiple approaches to manage Devilbox via command line tools.

Thanks for these contributions!

It is probably a good idea to lay out requirements with pros and cons and then decide for one solution that can be integrated by default and also added to official documentation.


@llaville (Makefile)

@renekreijveld (switch version)

I like the Makefile approach a lot, however you can’t really use it outside the Devilbox directory.

The devilbox-cli requires npm which might also not be available on everyone’s local setup.

I can also think of a mix between a universal bash script which calls the Makefile.

What do you guys think about it in general and where do you see pros and cons here?

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@cytopia, is this topic still relevant? I’ve done quite a lot of scripting and customizations that might be worth sharing, but doing so effectively would require some work (as it’s currently tailored to our company’s and my personal needs)