Devilbox v1.0.1 released

Devilbox release v1.0.1


The Devilbox is a modern and highly customisable dockerized PHP stack supporting full LAMP and MEAN and running on all major platforms. The main goal is to easily switch and combine any version required for local development. It supports an unlimited number of projects for which vhosts, SSL certificates and DNS records are created automatically. Reverse proxies per project are supported to ensure listening server such as NodeJS can also be reached. Email catch-all and popular development tools will be at your service as well. Configuration is not necessary, as everything is already pre-setup.

Furthermore, the Devilbox provides an identical and reproducible development environment for different host operating systems.

How to update

# Stop Docker container and remove their state
docker-compose stop
docker-compose rm

# Update git
git fetch
git checkout v1.0.1

No other requirements apply, i.e, the env-example file did not introduce any new changes.

Release artifacts

Bugfix release

This is a bugfix release and everybody is encouraged to upgrade to this tag as soon as possible.
No explicit actions to be taken for updating.


  • #373 Read custom MySQL configuration
  • #540 Fix ‘&’ password substitution in mysqldump-secure
  • #209 Documentation for Xdebug on Docker for Windows


  • Updated MongoDB cli tools in PHP image
  • Updated PostgreSQL cli tools in PHP image
  • MySQL images are now bound to a specific Docker tag and are built nightly
  • #506 Documentation improvements for connecting to databases


  • #536 Added @vue/cli and @vue/cli-service-global

Release information

How do I upgrade? I followed the info in the docs but no luck:

# git checkout 1.0.1
error: pathspec '1.0.1' did not match any file(s) known to git.
git checkout v1.0.1

Don’t forget the v in front ot the version.

It’g a good catch though. Release v1.0.0 changed to semantic versioning and added the v in front of version numbers (See announcement: Devilbox v1.0.0 released).

This should probably be changed in the docs as well.

Hmm I tried git checkout v1.0.1 and got the same error message, error: pathspec 'v1.0.1' did not match any file(s) known to git.

Then I realized - my local git knows nothing of the new version. So I did a git pull and was then able to check out the 1.0.1 branch!

I’ll do a quick PR on the docs now.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks, I will update the announcement with instructions as well.