Devilbox v3.0.0-beta-0.1 released (Reverse Proxy automation)

Release v3.0.0-beta-0.1 (2022-12-24) :santa::christmas_tree::gift:

  • Run different PHP versions per project

  • Reverse Proxy automation

Please report issues in this PR or reach out in Discord.

This is a beta release, using a completely rewritten set of HTTPD server, based on these changes:

Once it has been tested by the community, and potential errors have been addressed, a new major version will be released.

IMPORTANT: This release required you to copy env-example over onto .env due to some changes in variables.


  1. Multiple PHP Versions

    Here is an example to run one project with a specific PHP version
    # Enable all PHP versions
    cp compose/docker-compose.override.yml-php-multi.yml docker-compose.override.yml
    # Start default set and php80
    docker-compose up php httpd bind php80
    file: /shared/httpd/<project>/.devilbox/backend.cfg
  2. Automated Reverse Proxy setup

    Here is an example to proxy one project to a backend service (e.g. NodeJS or Python application, which runs in the PHP container on port 3000)

    file: /shared/httpd/<project>/.devilbox/backend.cfg

PHP hostnames and IP addresses

Note: Use IP addresses instead of hostnames for Nginx

PHP Version Hostname IP address
5.4 php54
5.5 php55
5.6 php56
7.0 php70
7.1 php71
7.2 php72
7.3 php73
7.4 php74
8.0 php80
8.1 php81
8.2 php82


  • Fixed Protocol substitution bug in Reverse Proxy generation for Apache 2.2 and Apache 2.4 vhost-gen #49 vhost-gen #50
  • Fixed missing module mod_proxy_html in Apache 2.4 as per requirement from vhost-gen for Reverse Proxy setup
  • Fixed encoding issue with Apache 2.4 Reverse Proxy by enabling mod_xml2enc module (Required by mod_proxy_html)
  • Allow to run different PHP versions per project. fixes #146


  • New HTTPD server capable of auto reverse proxy creation (and different PHP versions per project)
  • Intranet: Added Command & Control center to view watcherd logs and retrigger config in case of vhost changes
  • Environment variable DEVILBOX_HTTPD_MGMT_PASS
  • Environment variable DEVILBOX_HTTPD_MGMT_USER
  • New Docker Compose Override file docker-compose.override.yml-php-multi.yml (allows to run multiple PHP versions).
  • Update Bind to latest version


  • Disabled psr extension by default php-psr #78
  • Disabled phalcon extension by default
  • Environment variable DEBUG_COMPOSE_ENTRYPOINT renamed to DEBUG_ENTRYPOINT
  • Environment variable HTTPD_TIMEOUT_TO_PHP_FPM renamed to HTTPD_BACKEND_TIMEOUT

Other notable Changes

New Contributors

Full Changelog: Comparing v2.4.0...v3.0.0-beta-0.1 路 cytopia/devilbox 路 GitHub