Devilbox v3.0.0-beta-0.3 released ( domain)

Release v3.0.0-beta-0.3 (2023-01-02)

This release provides the domain to be used with TLD_SUFFIX (set to default), which eliminates the need to set any entries in /etc/hosts, as all of its subdomain will point to via official DNS. Domain has been acquired thanks to awesome sponsors!


  • Intranet: mail.php fixed deprecation warnings #798


  • Use as default TLD_SUFFIX (it always poits to removing the need to create /etc/hosts entries)


  • Intranet: vhost overview shows listening ports
  • Intranet: vhost overview now has modals to show httpd and vhost-gen configs
  • Docs: Show available tools per version in
  • Added xhprof PHP extension
  • Added extra_hosts: host.docker.internal: host-gateway (Refs #919, #575)


does the requires users to be connected to the internet for it to work right?

When connected to the internet, it will resolve your project DNS names automatically. When not connected to the internet, it works as before: You need to add /etc/hosts entries.

Is there any ETA for completing the beta and moving these changes to released/final?