Fresh clone vhost issue

FYI: I searched for a resolution before coming here google nor the devilbox GitHub has anything relating to my issue.

I’ve cloned Devilbox 3 times my first was last Friday and it worked flawlessly. Now im back at work and Devilbox gives me an error hidden in the verbose “Override vhost template not found: var/www/default/cfq/nginx.yml.

I have not modified any file. Im coming from wamp so obviously there’s a learning curve.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Are you sure it is an error or just a verbose info message? Besides, what is the actual issue apart from the message?

Im not able to bring up localhost there are no other services using port 80.

I took a pic from my phone my apologies about the clarity Vhost template not found

This warning is normal and expected if you do not override the vhost template (same on my system). I should probably make it just an info message. So that’s not related

That is understandable. Im wonder if it could be a firewall issue because I was able to log in to the home page once. Also, im using Ubuntu on VMware, not sure if that helps.

I have localhost up on my “dev machine” at home. So it’s a network issue at work. I have a feeling one of the admins blocked my virtual adapters IP. Me being a jr admin/ web developer you think they would communicate this with me.

Well, thanks for your help and prompt response.

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