[HELP] Maria db disappeared after pulling new version from github


Hi to all,
I use maria db 10.3.
i just updated devilbox from github. After update i start update-container but after that all databases are disappeared from phpmyadmin.
I search into directory tree into devilbox and i found in /data/mysql/mariadb-10.3/ all databases data.

How can i recover them? Why i don’t see it into my container?



They are not gone, they are simply not found in your case.

Since Devilbox v1.0.0 it is using Docker Volumes instead of directories for database storage due to performance and compatibility reasons.

See announcements:

And see updating procedure:

So what you will need to do in your case:

  1. Downgrade to any 0.X version
  2. Backup your databases: https://devilbox.readthedocs.io/en/latest/maintenance/backup-and-restore-mysql.html
  3. Switch back to latest version
  4. Import your databases

This is a one-time task and everything should run smoothly afterwards.

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Thank you very much for your response.


Welcome, Let me know if you encounter issues along the way restoring the DB’s