How can I move mariadb data to new machine?

I have a new computer that I’m trying to move everything to… I brought over the entire devilbox folder and got it up on its feet, but my mariadb is empty; my database and its tables isn’t there.

I am moving from 1.0.2 on the old computer to 1.1.0 on the new computer.

I can’t find anyplace on my old machine where that database is actually kept (outside of the containers). I see the data/ folder but that appears to be only web server files.

Where exactly are the data files that mariadb uses to provide database services? My table is still there on the old machine and devilbox works fine… but it didn’t come over when I copied my entire devilbox/ folder. :man_shrugging:t2:

Before migrating it’s better to use mysqldump_secure to backup your databases, and restore them later.

See documentation here

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Ok, thanks. I’ll just do that. Appreciate the reply :slight_smile: