Question about nginx-stable in devilbox

Why is the nginx-stable version using 1.16? Current stable is 1.18 and mainline is 1.19.

I’m using HTTPD_SERVER=nginx-stable in .env but it results with nginx 1.16.

in my docker-compse.yml (which you should be using the override.yml) I switched the config to this and once connected to the image it was nginx 1.19.1
/shared/www did not point to it anymore but those just need to be reconfigured.


213 # Web Server
214 # ------------------------------------------------------------
215 httpd:
216 image: nginx
217 hostname: httpd

The latest docker images will be available in the upcoming release:

I will also have to fix the pipelines so that git tagged images build automatically nighlty (as it is done with PHP)

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