Trying to speed up web development workflow on macOS

Dear all, I am using Devilbox with docker-sync (native_osx sync mode). I feel that while better, the speed is still not matching a pure local solution (like MAMP which I was using before). But I’d really like to go docker way (and devilbox way since it helps speeding up things a lot!).

What I’d like to speed even more is:

  1. overall page loading / requests; I’m using Wordpress, and every page load seems to take forever … even with docker-sync; any suggestion would be appreciated!

  2. the start-clean workflow (this is due to my lack of understanding): currently I use docker-sync-stack start to start “the project”; initial sync takes a lot of time; I do the development (experiencing the slowness referred in 1); then I issue docker-sync-stack clean to end my working session; on another day, I repeat this “start-clean” workflow. I was wondering: am I doing things right or is there a way to speed / simplify this? (for eg. not having the initial sync over and over again).

I understand this slowness is surely related to macOS architecture and all efforts are being done to solve it (thanks!). Just trying to not give up on docker for Mac!

Thank you.

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