Any way to only download the images I actually use?

Is there any way to tell Docker to only download the images that I actually want to use? After a recent upgrade (using git pull) I ran ./ Over the past 2 hours (I’m on DSL connection, but still…) a ton of images are getting pulled down: php 5.2 up through the latest. I only ever use 7.4 and 8.1.

Beyond that, I only use a subset of the features that devilbox provides. Things like Solr, Mongo, and LogStash I don’t need. It would be much better if I didn’t need to download all that over the wire.

This may be a basic Docker question, but I’m not good enough with Docker to know for sure.

It’s been 5 hours and still downloading. I’ve run out of Docker space and increased that and tried again.

This line devilbox/ at master · cytopia/devilbox · GitHub seems to say to pull all the php images. Why not just pull the ones that are uncommented? Unless of course I’m reading the regex wrong.

Use docker-compose pull instead

Thank you. I’ll try that next an upgrade rolls around.