Can only access devilbox on host, not from other ip

I really appreciate devilbox, and i am able to do a lot of things with it. but there is a small but.

Whenever i setup it on a new host, i can only adress it via localhost on the host itself. I haven’t found something to access the devilbox pages and the vhosts from another PC within my local network. On top of that i need to show different softwaresolutions to a client with different setups, so it would be nice, if i could have that on a rootserver, so my client can access a vhost without me being around all the time. And then just use a different configuration for different software. Would be brilliant, but i do not know, how to get this done.

Appreciate more info, of course.

Yes i know, it is not intended for productive use, but in this case it would be just for evaluation of a new system, with demo data and the like, nothing hurt, wenn client messes up (whereas i am pretty sure he will :-))


It may be worth looking into a service such as ngrok. You can expose any local address and port to a public URL by running a local command, and give access to anyone you like while that command works. For Laravel there is even a package that provides an artisan command to make this really easy - artisan share and it just gives you the public URL to share with someone.