Multiple versions of php

Hello everyone, how can I use two different php versions, in two virtual hosts, with the same installation of devilbox?
Thank you all

The way I do it is by installing two instances of devilbox. Of course, you need to set up each one to listen on a different port on your host. I’m doing exactly that in a VPS, but I guess you can do it too in your own computer.

Thanks PaulJbis for the answer.
How can I set the two different IP, what values ​​can I assign to LOCAL_LISTEN_ADDR?

this is the error message, when I run the “docker-compose up” command, in the new “7.4” directory where I download the other devilbox

Creating network “74_app_net” with driver “bridge”
ERROR: Pool overlaps with other one on this address space

If you have several IP addresses assigned in your host computer, you can use that. But I was talking about assigning ports, that is, the HOST_PORT_HTTPD and HOST_PORT_HTTPD_SSL values.

The way I do it, I assign port 8000 in one of the devilbox instances, and port 8400 (for example) in the other. So I access each virtual host like this:

http://(virtualhost name):8000
http://(virtualhost name):8400

I would like two instances of devilbox, each with its own virtual hosts, but when I try to install the second instance of virtual box it gives me the error:

devilbox creating network with driver “bridge” error: pool overlaps with other one on this address space

Oh, yes, sorry. This is going to be slightly more complicated :unamused:

When devilbox starts, it creates an intranet in the 172.16.238.x range, and all its containers get assigned IPs in that range. Of course, if you try to start a second instance, it will try to create an intranet in that same range… which is already used.

So the way I did it was… I edited the docker-compose.yml file in the second instance and changed the IP range specified in it to another one. For example, where it says:


# MacOS and Windows have this by default, this hack also allows it for Linux


I changed all instances of “172.16.238.x” to “172.16.220.x”, so that this second instance uses that IP range. You’d have to change that value everywhere there’s a mention to that IP range.

Note that the docker-compose.yml instructions tell you not to edit that file, but to use a docker-compose-override.yml instead. But since this is a change that affects every service, and since I’m not a Docker expert (and don’t know exactly how the override file interacts with the main one), I found it simpler to just edit that file. If you do that, make a backup of the original first and be careful to change only the IP ranges.

Again, sorry for not mentioning this at first. I had completely forgotten about this.

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I have compiled the file “docker-compose.override.yml” change the IP as @PaulJBis indicated.
The second devilbox daemon has been compiled, but when I connect to the defultlocalhost, the connection is broken.
the log file returns the following error:

[Fri Apr 10 16:14:19.374710 2020] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 480:tid 140712599324416] [client] AH01079: failed to make connection to backend:

where is the IP address modified by me, while is the one previously indicated

Did you edit the docker-compose.yml or just added a docker-compose.override.yml file? Remember that all the containers (web server, PHP and MySQL) need to be on the same subnet.

To confirm that this is the case, please do a “docker inspect” for each of the containers and see which IP address they have.

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@PaulJBis I solved, only one parameter was missing in the “docker-compose.override.yml” file “PHP_FPM_SERVER_ADDR=”.

Now i have this error message in the default page and in the list of virtual hosts:

Failed to connect to Httpd host on random.test