Google OAuth2 and Devilbox?

I would like to use Devilbox for a specific development using Oauth2 & Google API and i m stuck on receiving the callback as the only authrized domains are some top private domain or …
I did some tests and always got the same error:
with request details:
Request Details


Does anybody knows i could work on a single site, accessible thru ?
Thanks for your help !

Seems like non-public domains are not allowed:

A workaround could be to set TLD_SUFFIX to (whatever your domain name is). This way your project would be: and will probably recognized by google as a valid domain.

Thanks for your help … but no luck :frowning:
As Google asks to validate the domain before being able to add it to the authorized URI, it fails.
As far i know, the only way to be able to use Google’s Oauth flow is to be able to acces the devl site using …

And I though I('m the only one :smile: that run in this kind of problem.
While Thinking about this issue I just had the bright ideea to use ngrok for the redirect :slight_smile: and it works