Use Devilbox behind NginxProxyManager container

i’ve got a VPS running with debian 10 with docker installed to host some microservices inside of it and a domain to access it on the web.

On my VPS, right now, i’m running some services (like Nextcloud, a mail server, some wordpress dev site, ecc…) and i’m trying to implement devilbox to move the dev wordpress site on an unique service.

On top of all i’m using an NginxProxyManager to redirect the subdomain (example to the right place, and with i don’t have any problem. But if i try to create a, bind to the devilbox http port, to point it to the devilbox container, i don’t recive anything back…

Can someone help me to make the right bind? Have i got to make a subdomain of a subdomain ( to make it accessible through web?

Thanks in advance!