VPS for several instances: which system requirements?


I’m going to set up a VPS with my hosting provider, in order to run several instances of devilbox so that my team can develop and maintain a few LAMP web apps we have. My question would be: how much RAM do I need in my VPS for this?

Some data:

  • We’ll be running 5 or 6 instances of devilbox with a LAMP stack.
  • We won’t be running memcached or Redis in any of them, just the basics: Apache, MySQL and PHP.
  • Each instance will be a development box; in other words, it won’t have more than 1 or 2 simultaneous visitors (that is, the developer testing the app and perhaps someone else).

Given all of the above, can I get away with a VPS with 2 Gb. of RAM?

I don’t think it’s a matter of instances but a matter of how big the applications & databases are. In example a huge application would need much more memory to deploy (composer install) and much more memory for MySQL cache. You could of course sacrifice CPU and I/O to spare some RAM by decreasing the cache and using swap.

Thanks for responding. One of the apps is a Symfony one, while the other is custom-built. The test databases that we’ll be using aren’t that big; the MySQL dump takes about 40Mb. of disk space.

Anyway, I’ve already set up the VPS, so I’ll be experimenting and will report back if there’s any trouble.