Feature: Blackfire


Blackfire support is on the way.

There is currently already an example how to add a Blackfire container to the Devilbox: https://devilbox.readthedocs.io/en/latest/custom-container/enable-blackfire.html

The glue that was actually missing are the PHP modules for Blackfire as well as the client/server/agent binaries on the PHP container.

This has now been addressed and is ready to be tested.




  • [ ] Update documentation


I currently do not have a Blackfire license, so If someone who does is willing to make a proof of concept, I will add the steps to the Documentation.


New images for Blackfire have been merged and the feature is now available.

As already mentioned I don’t have a license myself, so for anyone who’s using this, please let me know your autostart commands for the agent. Hint: https://devilbox.readthedocs.io/en/latest/autostart/custom-scripts-per-php-version.html


Documentation Update

As the documentation is not yet very clear, there’s currently some more work to be done on it.

WIP PR will enhance the documentation with step-by-step instructions and fixes a few misconfigurations with module enabling.