Feature: Blackfire

Blackfire support is on the way.

There is currently already an example how to add a Blackfire container to the Devilbox: https://devilbox.readthedocs.io/en/latest/custom-container/enable-blackfire.html

The glue that was actually missing are the PHP modules for Blackfire as well as the client/server/agent binaries on the PHP container.

This has now been addressed and is ready to be tested.




  • [ ] Update documentation


I currently do not have a Blackfire license, so If someone who does is willing to make a proof of concept, I will add the steps to the Documentation.

New images for Blackfire have been merged and the feature is now available.

As already mentioned I don’t have a license myself, so for anyone who’s using this, please let me know your autostart commands for the agent. Hint: https://devilbox.readthedocs.io/en/latest/autostart/custom-scripts-per-php-version.html

Documentation Update

As the documentation is not yet very clear, there’s currently some more work to be done on it.

WIP PR will enhance the documentation with step-by-step instructions and fixes a few misconfigurations with module enabling.

Hello @cytopia
I’ve found different versions of blackfire-agent in blackfire container and php container.

Is it normal, or a possible bug ?

Process to reproduces.
With standard https://github.com/cytopia/devilbox/blob/master/compose/docker-compose.override.yml-blackfire
When I enter blackfire container with such command docker exec -ti devilbox_blackfire_1 sh

/ # which blackfire-agent
/ # blackfire-agent -v
blackfire-agent 1.21.0 linux amd64 gc 2018-11-06T14:22:21+0000

And when I enter php container

devilbox@php-7.1.26 in /shared/httpd $ blackfire-agent -v
blackfire-agent 1.22.1 linux amd64 gc 2019-01-17T08:41:59+0000


The only reason why blackfire-agent is inside the PHP container, is because the client and agent are provided by a single apt package.

You would only use the blackfire cli withing the PHP container. The agent is running separately in the blackfire container.

The version difference might be due to blackfire’s container being out of date.

Thanks for this answer.
And yes i confirm, that after update my blackfire container, I got same version (1.22.1) on both containers.