Local laravel dev environment on a particular port

Hello, i hope it’s the correct category.

Usually i have several domains mapped locally on devilbox using Linux: i use a “normal” php/mysql configuration and it works beautifully.

In order to avoid conflicts, i use a “.loc” extension for the domains and map the httpd port to 8086 (yep, i’m nostalgic).

A few weeks ago i’ve started following a Laravel tutorial to learn a framework but i’ve been stuck, because after installing the laravel UI components, the pages have been giving a “404 not found” response.

I’ve tried the same tutorial on my macbook, using “valet” and mapping the local domain to the standard port 80, works without issue.

Should i map devilbox on the port 80 ? Or should i write a configuration inside laravel to use the port 8086?

thanks in advance for any insight

Not a Laravel expert, so I can’t really say what’s best-practice for it. In terms of Devilbox, there should not be any preferred port, so just give it a try on 80 and see if that works.