Hardest hosting software I have ever used in 20 years

Your documents have waisted me 4 days and my domain and website is still down
This Devilbox/docker/wsl2/ubuntu (on windows 10) wasn’t built in regards for people wanting to use this as a production server.
The time and energy i have used and so many others so far is outrageous.

I need earthier a video or detail word for word with pictures PLEASE DONT SAY ITS IN THE DOCS its not going to show me anything new that I dont know already honestly i have checked 100 times and it keeps bringing me around in circles …

I have used WAMP = no issues (step by step guides for production)
I have used XAMP = no issues (step by step guides for production)
I have used WinNMP = no issues (step by step guides for production)
I have used others… NO ISSUES

This software could have so much potential but the end result is who ever has written the docs weren’t thinking that we would be using this also as a production server not just a toy around for local projects.

I need my Domain pointing to my project on this software
I need to put my SSL Clouldflare certificates for HTTPS
I have a static IP
I need varnish with a proxy so that apache and nginx can work side by side with varnish, memcached, redis etc…

Windows 2000, XP, 2012, 7, Vista, 10 (never been hacked)
Ubuntu (been hacked) I will never use again
Home Server Specs
8 cores
32gb ddr 4
graphics card 8gb NVIDIA
hard drive m2 NVME (fastest hard drive on the planet)
CPU 4.5 ghz

If nobody from the ownership of this devilbox who wrote the documentation or who ever created the software apologizes to me and everyone else who has given up and left already will end up as a result by me writing up an extremely bad review on this software and how you have left us all out by not covering in detail the most important things such as a production server including pics and videos.

It is open source software. On the contrary. I found the documentation very helpful and I was able configure and run multiple sites with some local configuration in about an hour. No one is getting paid to maintain the software or fix “your” issues. If you aren’t smart enough to fix your own problems…move along and go back to your “click-a-button” server set up. Or, try helping with a pull request and stop complaining to someone that maintains this product on their free time. In addition. You shouldn’t use this for a production server. The website clearly states… " Reproducible and identical development environment for all host operating systems with zero configuration requirements"

Unbelievable level of ingratitude, rudeness and just plain inability to understand an (awesome/excellently documented) open source project. Just hope it’s a joke or a troll of some sort :grin:

What @roliver3 said it’s true. This is a very wide but even complex project and it needs some skills to do more than just the Lamp stack that the “others” systems do. Devilbox is not only for nerds, but for newbies too, if they are willing to learn and kind with the expectations. If you find *amp projects much better, why did you move from them? Not to be rude but direct and honest… but I don’t think that you have a clear idea of what containerization really means and it’s better if you stay away from a production server, unless you hire someone to do the technical work. By the way… It’s clearly a troll! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This is one of the most idiotic comments on this project I have ever read. Using this development tool for a production server on Windows is just stupid. The fact that you got your Ubuntu server hacked shows your level of competence I guess…

That indeed is correct.