Getting WARN in vhosts.php in validity column

I’m getting WARN in the validity column of each of my virtual hosts in the vhosts.php page. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get more info on what the underlying problem is or which log files to review? Is there documentation somewhere on how to diagnose these issues I could not find anything.

Please provide more info like screenshots or join the discord official server.

What information should I gather to debug this further, I would appreciate some pointers.

Screenshot of Vhost page with the warning.

Screenshot of vhosts page attached

Can you give a screenshot of the console?

Not sure what you mean by console what data are you looking for? The devilbox main page is below:

Please see images below. They are take in the same browser but the one that shows OK was taken without Cisco VPN running and the ones with the warning had the Cisco VP running and connected to my companies website. In the one where the warning is displayed there is a noticeable lag before it draws each vhost entry. I have no explanation for this behaviour. I don’t see anything different in the console.

The gap between drawing one vhost and the next is about 5 seconds. I don’t see the problem immediately after enabling the VPN immediately it seems to take a few minutes. Here is another capture where I killed the VPN after the first two vhosts were rendered.

The Warning status shows the DNS error since Cisco VPN takes over the DNS of your computer.

If everything is working fine, I suggest you ignore the warning.

The VPN client is likely configured to use its own DNS servers, overriding your system’s default DNS settings. This can cause DNS-related errors and warnings, but if your VPN connection is working correctly, you can safely disregard these messages.

The other thing I noticed when the Cisco VPN is running it takes longer to render the page with noticeable lags between rendering each row in the table. Any ideas why this might be?

For each Vhost, Devbilbox will call API and try to connect with them. Due to Cisco VPN, it will take time connect and then failed, (You can check that in the network tab in inspect element)

It would be helpful if there was more detail in the logs & the warn message regarding the issue that’s being warned about.

I think this goes for All VPNs, not just Cisco, since they overtake the DNS system.

if you don’t like that warn, you can directly add the entry to hots file and it will not shown the warn.

I have no problem with there being a warn I would just like the warn and logs to provide more detail as to why it’s being displayed

True. I had to dive into the code to find this.